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MOMENT by Alessandro Scalabrini

Moment by Alessandro Scalabrini

A moment, “simply” a moment…

A moment an instant, this is what each work represents, the author invites the viewer to see each sheet, each canvas, each frame as an instant in his life seen in depth, like through a spyglass or a telescope.
Every line that crosses the moment, depicts as a person, something happening, something that has somehow influenced this moment with its path, its being there.
Each stretch, each stroke enters the canvas and exits or enters to end there or is otherwise born within the moment and then exits or die there; the spectator can identify some of those traits, lines and curves and follow them imagining what or who they represent.
The position of each line or trait is essential to weight its importance to the beholder, that’s why some are marginal while others central, some rise from the margin go to the centre or vice versa some drop put od attention.
The clear contrast between the simplicity of the materials, mainly papercuts, paper and ballpoint pen, is the way the artist uses to underline the complexity of what the moment manages to express opposite to the fragility and delicacy and brittleness of that same moment, which can be even forgotten, erased from the witness’s memory.
The subjectivity that characterizes these works will allow the spectator to determine the duration of the moment, which may be short, almost an instant or it may last a month, a year, a decade, as long as a whole life; this decision can only be made by the empowered viewer.



through the spyglass, details from art works

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Art passionate and creative mind, I love experimenting with new artistic techniques and using alternative materials. I believe in the simplicity and uniqueness of art and its production, as a means of international communication, a universal language.

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