Project description

11 march 2020

Endless lines that enter the outline of the canvas and then come out in a path that started physically and temporally. A moment before entering the canvas which we can describe as invisible and unknown, then we enter the space of the canvas and finally we move out towards an invisible and unknown beyond.

The space of the canvas is the telescope, the spyglass through which we look outside ourselves. The lines represent the world outside of us which is made up of everything.

These lines enter at a given moment in the viewfinder of the telescope, entering the canvas with their paths and then leaving it.

On the canvas the artist also paper cuts which are strongly representative images of the moment to reinforce the idea of how events continually overlap in the world but we remain and we only know what enters our canvas and our spyglass.

Smartworking Changes our Physical Reality - Cardboard 59 cm Diameter - Collage with Newspaper, glue, pen.


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Feeling very inspired lately!

Participating to Arte Laguna World Prize 20.21 this year!

The artworks chosen are 5 all related to classic art and how it changed in time.

As Master Pablo Picasso said “Faut-il que nous ayons été fous ou lâches pour abandonner le collage. Nous avions des moyens magnifiques , et je suis revenu à l’huile. C’est fou!” which means “We must have been crazy or cowardly to abandon collage. We had magnificent means, and I returned to oil. It’s crazy! “

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Participating to Combat Prize this year!

The artwork chosen is called Diseases.

There are so many talented artist in this competition, I could really use some support from you!

Wish me luck!

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